Double Trouble Scratch Loopers

Download our Loopers for your daily Scratch Practice! One love to all the incredible artists who sent us their loops.

00_Double Trouble Jam_Double Trouble Looper 2021.png


Feat. DJ Low, Drazec, Evil Hectorr, Gross Beat Factory (Bonzer + Mandal) , Laxfilet, Madpressure, MDK79, RIMA, Rocksta, Schwan, Scratch Illuminati, Spydamonkee, SirCut, Tamskee, Tekx Be

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2020 - Corona-Edition

Feat. Gross Beat Factory (Bonzer + Mandal), Jay FM, SirCut, Schwan, Evil Hectorr, SNDR SKLR, Tekx Be, MDK79, Rocksta, Yam + Mr. Ebs

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Feat. Tekx Be, MDK79, Tjoma, Madpressure, Mandal, Widsid, SirCut, Tamskee, Gross Beat Factory + Redmist

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