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Double Trouble Scratch Loopers

Download our Loopers for your daily Scratch Practice! One love to all the incredible artists who sent us their loops.

00_Double Trouble Jam_Double Trouble Looper 2021.png


You want to become part of the 2022 Double Trouble Looper? 

Cool, that's easy! Just upload your files as .wav and make sure to name each file like that: Artistname_LoopName_BPM 

You can also leave your instagram handle in the filename after the BPM.


Deadline 13. November. Upload your loops now here.

00_Double Trouble Jam_Double Trouble Looper 2021.png


Feat. DJ Low, Drazec, Evil Hectorr, Gross Beat Factory (Bonzer + Mandal) , Laxfilet, Madpressure, MDK79, RIMA, Rocksta, Schwan, Scratch Illuminati, Spydamonkee, SirCut, Tamskee, Tekx Be

>>> Download .exe / Download .swf <<<

Bildschirmfoto 2020-08-12 um

2020 - Corona-Edition

Feat. Gross Beat Factory (Bonzer + Mandal), Jay FM, SirCut, Schwan, Evil Hectorr, SNDR SKLR, Tekx Be, MDK79, Rocksta, Yam + Mr. Ebs

>>> Download .exe / Download .swf <<<

DT Looper Screenshot.jpg


Feat. Tekx Be, MDK79, Tjoma, Madpressure, Mandal, Widsid, SirCut, Tamskee, Gross Beat Factory + Redmist

>>> Download .exe / Download .swf <<<

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